Solar Panel Incentives

Harnessing the power of Solar Energy allows Mission Viejo Residents to pay less each month. Moving away from dependence on the power grid is a smart decision.


Mission Viejo Solar Installation is the leader in professional Solar System Installs for most of Orange County.

The Federal Rebate comes in the form of a tax credit. It is actually a Federal Tax credit that is applied to your personal tax return. The rate is set at 30% of the full cost of your solar installation including solar panels for your home. The rebate can be applied to a new build or existing property.


In order to qualify for this Solar Federal Tax Credit the homeowner must have a federal tax liability and maybe be carried forward to future tax years (for carry-backs please seeks professional advice). Details of the credit can be found on IRS form 3468.


The California NSHP (New Solar Home Program) offers a State rebate as an incentive for installation of solar panels on your home.


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"Installation was so easy with MV Solar Installation. Helpful staff took time to walk us through the process, eliminating any hesitations we may have had.

     Joe Sawyer (Lake Forest, CA)

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           Milton Clay (Aliso Viejo, CA)

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