Your Affordable Solar Financing Options

Often, the initial response we receive from our future clients is one of disbelief. Many are turned off by the investment that may be needed to install Solar Panels on an Orange County property. Even die-hard environmentalists can find the initial out of pocket expenses unsurmountable.


This is where Mission Viejo Solar Installation comes in. We understand this is a very large investment you are making.


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Mission Viejo Solar Installation has several financing options available to its clients, aiding to assist with the up front costs associated with this fantastic Earth Friendly Energy Source.  Below, we have outlined four potential financing opportunities for your clients to consider. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, and we will be happy to meet with you, obligation free.

Financing Opportunities Are Available

We have 4 different financing options for your new solar power system.


Purchase Power Agreement: You agree to buy power at a set rate for a period of 20 years which is significantly cheaper than purchasing from a utility company.


Solar Lease:  You do not own the system but lease the system for a monthly payment that is less than your current utility bill.


Direct Cash Ownership: You may of course purchase your solar technology outright.


Solar Loan:  We have negotiated special loan terms with lenders for customers buying solar from us. These payments will typically be substantially less than your current monthly utility bill and you will own the system at the end of your loan period (usually 10-15 years).


*If you choose to purchase your solar photovoltaic energy your home will increase in value and this rise in value is not taxable in Mission Viejo.




Mission Viejo Solar Installation




A Few Words From Our Satisfied Clients:

"Installation was so easy with MV Solar Installation. Helpful staff took time to walk us through the process, eliminating any hesitations we may have had.

     Joe Sawyer (Lake Forest, CA)

"Competent, Knowledgeable contractors. Really pleased with the low key, no-pressure sales policy [...] Work was faster than first estimated. Saving so much!"

           Milton Clay (Aliso Viejo, CA)

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